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Beryx Explorer

Your gateway to blockchain data, equipped with the necessary tools and insights for navigating the ecosystem.
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Welcome to Beryx, your one-stop hub for exploring the vast capabilities of the blockchain. We offer a wealth of resources and tools to help you navigate the blockchain ecosystem with ease and efficiency.

Beryx is designed to serve both developers and users, providing a range of robust tools and features. Whether you're a smart contract developer, a blockchain enthusiast, or just curious about blockchain, Beryx has something for you.


  • Comprehensive Search Functionalities: Search by address, transaction, tipset, block or contract across the entire Filecoin Blockchain.
  • Account Insights: Get detailed information about any account, including transaction history and balance. Check an address.
  • Transaction Details: View detailed information about any transaction, including sender, receiver, amount, and fee. See a transaction.
  • Dashboard: Monitor network statistics and contract statistics in real-time. Go to dashboard.
  • Smart Contract Interactions: View and interact with smart contracts on the blockchain. Interact with a contract.
  • Wallet Integration: Integrate your wallet for seamless contract interaction and account tracking.
  • Address Conversion: Convert between Ethereum and Filecoin formats. Go to address convertor.
  • Mempool Monitoring: Monitor the mempool for pending transactions and potential congestion. Go to mempool.
  • Contract Verification: Verify the authenticity and integrity of smart contracts. Verify your contract.