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Solidity API

In the context of the Filecoin EVM, a Solidity library is required in order to allow Solidity smart contracts to seamlessly call methods on Filecoin built-in actors, as well as to access Filecoin specific syscalls idiomatically.

This project combines two different approaches: a mocked version of the API, as well as the real implementation that interacts with filecoin built-in actors.


The project repository for the Solidity API can be found here 🔗.

We have also created a public NPM package to facilitate its integration. Check it out here 🔗.


They do not actually perform any cross-contract calls or syscalls. It will respond to specific scenarios, which are documented in this doc. The ultimate goal is for devs to be able to replace imports of mocked library with the real one and have their contracts connected to the real protocol.


If you have used the mocked library before, you won't find many changes, so it is almost a smooth experience. In this way, devs will have their contracts connected to the real filecoin protocol.

Disclaimer ⚠️⚠️

The project is actually in beta. Please, feel free to report any possible bug you encounter while you make use of it.