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The peer-to-peer network to store humanity's most important information reliably over time with built-in economic incentives.
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Filecoin is making the web more secure and efficient with a decentralized data storage marketplace, protocol, and cryptocurrency. It is a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method, allowing users to rent unused hard drive space.

For more information, please refer to the Filecoin web page.

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Our current contributions

Data Infrastructure

Beryx Explorer

The explorer takes advantage of the vast capabilities of Beryx API and creates a human friendly interface for them. Search by address, tx or tipset in the entire Filecoin Blockchain. Now with Wallaby support!

Chain Integration

Beryx API

Beryx indexes and exposes via a public API historical and real-time data for a large number of blockchains. We launch with Filecoin support but we will expand quickly to other chains


Filecoin Signing Tools

Filecoin signing tools offer basic functionalities for signing Filecoin transactions.

Hardware wallet firmaware

Filecoin Ledger App

Applications on Ledger devices are critical for cryptocurrency holders in securely managing their crypto assets. There is a dedicated app for each cryptocurrency.


FVM - Assembly Script SDK

From AssemblyScript SDK for smart contracts to libraries and indexers, Zondax works closely with Filecoin to build the best tools to bring Filecoin ecosystem to its maximum potential.

Chain integration

Filecoin Gas

Is a set of tools designed to facilitate you the goal of optimising your money regarding transactions on filecoin network.


Solidity pre-compiles for FEVM

In the context of the FVM Early Builder program (Solidity edition), we propose to build a set of tools and libraries to enable Ethereum developers to re-use their existing know-how to develop Filecoin-specific use cases.


Filecoin Solidity Libs

Is a set of Solidity libraries that allow Solidity smart contracts to seamlessly call methods of Filecoin built-in actors. They will do cross-platform calls to the real Filecoin built-in actors. A set of mock libraries are located too. They will respond to specific scenarios based on the received parameters instead of doing real calls.