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Creating a new project

Pre requisites

  • NodeJS 16
  • Rust 1.61.0-nightly (c5cf08d37 2022-03-30)

Start your new project

From template

You can create a new project based on the template we built for you. It will make things super easy for you, as everything you need is already there. You can either fork the repo or copy the code and create a new repo. Let's go to the template repo ↗️

From scratch

You can create a new project by running the following lines:

npm init
npm install --save-dev assemblyscript
npx asinit .

In order to clean some unnecessary files and code, please apply following changes to the project:

  • Remove tests folder
  • Remove index.html
  • Remove code in assembly/index.ts
  • Remove all scripts in package.json

Add these entries in scripts field on package.json:

"asbuild:release": "asc assembly/index.ts --target release --bindings esm --use abort= --transform @zondax/fvm-as-bindgen",
"asbuild": "npm run asbuild:release"

Finally, create a Makefile at project root folder, and paste this content:

yarn install
cargo install wizer --all-features --force

yarn asbuild
wizer build/release.wasm -f init -o build/release.wasm

.PHONY: deps build

Install deps

Now it is time to add dependencies

yarn add @zondax/fvm-as-sdk
yarn add @zondax/fvm-as-bindgen
yarn add @zondax/assemblyscript-cbor
yarn add --dev @zondax/fvm-client-tool

Finally, install them running

make deps