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Hardware Evaluation

Selection process

We are evaluating and working with multiple architectures and manufacturers at this moment. We are taking into account several factors including but not limited to:

  • Security ( Trustzone, HAB support, Secure Memory )
  • Logistics ( Market availability, Lead Time )
  • Support ( Existing BSPs, Technical Support, Documentation )
  • Robustness ( Temperature range, Power supply range, SBC/Carrier Format)
  • Peripheral ( Ethernet connection, USB connection )
  • Price

We have contacted each manufacturer, evaluated their support process, received technical documentation. In many cases, we have acquired the product to run internal tests.

As a reference we can provide a list of some of the devices we are currently working with:

ModelMPUManufacturer[A]<br/> Contact[B]<br/> Acquired[C]<br/> Evaluated[D]<br/> N/ASelected
STM32MP157C-DK2🔗STM32MP157CST Micro <br/> discontinued
MCiMX8-evkb 🔗i.MX8M QuadNXP <br/> discontinued
STM32MP157F-DK2🔗STM32MP157FST Micro
MCiMX8-evkb 🔗i.MX8MMNXP
ODYSSEY STM32MP157C 🔗STM32MP157CSeeed availability
phyCORE-STM32MP1 🔗STM32MP157CPhytec Secure boot
byteDEVKIT 🔗STM32MP157CBytesAtWork TEE issues
emSBC-Argon 🔗STM32MP157Cemtrion availability
USB Armory Mk-II 🔗i.MX6ULF-secure OPTEE
WISE-710 🔗i.MX6Advantech BSP quality
phyBOARD-Segin 🔗i.MX6Phytec availability
LEC-iMX8M 🔗i.MX8 QuadAdlink No replies
phyBOARD-Polaris 🔗i.MX8M QuadPhytec OPTEE
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 🔗i.MX8 Quad MaxToradex TEE issues
SBC-iMX8M-Mini 🔗i.MX8M Mini QuadCompulab cost + bugs
PICO-PI-IMX8M 🔗i.MX8M Mini QuadTechNexion tech support
Verdin iMX8M 🔗i.MX8M Mini QuadToradex availability

[A] contacted manufacturer [B] we adquired a device [C] evaluated custom image [X] not available yet

Why some devices are prioritized?

After analyzing and testing a wide range of devices, we noticed a few common themes:

  • BSP quality issues
  • Inadequate form factor for datacenter applications: We believe ethernet support is a critical requirement.
  • Market availability problems: devices are still not available, stocks were low and supply chain is not clear.

With respect to software layers, we had a look at different design alternatives. Taking a pragmatic long-term support perspective, we decided to use a extremely minimal Buildroot+OPTEE image for the initial implementation.

While there are interesting opportunities in the bare metal / RTOS space, we consider them too experimental. Moreover, we prefer to rely on projects with a substantial community to ensure long term maintenance. This means, relying on extensive testing, CVE availability, strong community, etc.