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The following instructions will explain in detail how to use buildroot in order to build SD Card images for each board. The images contain the secure application for signing and key generation using a trusted execution environment based on the OPTEE standard.


Board supported:


  • We assume you are using Ubuntu. Other OSs (MacOS/Windows) are not formally supported.
  • Install Docker CE
  • The build process is time consuming and will require all your computer resources, we assume you are using the computer exclusively to build the image.

Common steps

First clone our entry point project that contains some buildroot configuration and packages to build an image for any of the supported boards:

git clone --recursive --branch master
cd buildroot-zondax

We can start building the linux-base operating system that would run on the board you selected.

It is important to mention that this step will build a minimal but functional linux image containing everything is needed to run our optee-base application.

It can take a lot of resources and time depending on your computer.