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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to rebuild a package and update the image

Sometimes it is necessary to modify a custom package, without having to start the build process from scratch as it is time consuming. Lets say we want to do some changes to the hello-rustee package. Just go to the source directory, modify the source code as required, then in order to update the image with the recent changes you made, run the following commands:

make hellorustee-dirclean
make hellorustee-build
make hellorustee-install

Then it is necessary to update the image, this is done by running the make command, this command wont start from scratch if a previous build has already been done, but would update the image with the new hello-rustee binary.


We use hellorustee which is the package name according to the setting here.


It is a good practice in buildroot to not have '-' or another especial symbol as part of package names.