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Hardware Setup

In this section you can read the instruction that tells you how to setup your board and how to log to your device using Minicom. Once you know how to use Minicom, you can configure a SSH connection to your board as indicated in the note bellow.


After reading the documentation here on how to setup your hardware, you should know how to use Minicom. But you can also use SSH to communicate with your device. follow the instruction bellow to login in your device using minicom, once you have a minicom session open an ready, execute the following command to get the device's IP address that you will need for SSH:


Then open a terminal on your computer and run the following command:

# Your computer console
ssh root@IP_ADDRESS

and the session would be open and ready. After this, you can close the minicom session with the following shortcuts:

 ctrl/cmd + q
then when asked hit yes

Now, you can use your ssh connection to execute the rest of the instructions in this section.